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Discover flocks.

Start your fitness journey today.

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Our Story

What happens when a triathlete with design skills can´t really find training partners? He creates an app for that. Flöckbud came from a guy´s wish to meet other like-minded sports people.

Our Mission

To spread the power of sport and inspire people to be more active. To provide a solution that is exciting and inclusive. From weekend warriors to pro athletes, everyone is invited

to workout with us.

Our Promise

We will listen. We will make it better. We´re developing something beautiful, efficient and easy to use, but we need your support. Join today and be part of something amazing. Let´s do this together!

About us


Meet some of the people who are helping us move forward.


Find training


By selecting your favourite sports and adding goals, Flöckbud helps you find awesome training partners. Meet local athletes and make progress together!

Create &

Join Workouts

Build your own training sessions, invite buddies or simply join local workouts. Lead or follow athletes depending on your ability level.

Discover flocks

Make the most of every sport by creating and joining Flocks, which are groups of people with similar interests and goals. Because two is better than one.

Get Motivated

It’s harder to cancel on a buddy who’s counting on you, so get started!

From scheduling a product demo to inquiring about advertising opportunities (and everything else in between), please send us a message.
We´d love to hear from you!

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